• Walking The Dunrobin Castle Gardens

    I remember I read about the Dunrobin Castle long time ago, but I could never imagine that I would visit that spectacular landmark.

    Our cruise included in its itinerary one stop near Inverness, Scotland, we usually rent a car to drive around on our own but we couldn't find a car rental agency near the port so we had to buy some of the offshore excursions offered by Holland America. Fortunately they were offering tours to this castle which was an excellent choice because that place has stunning gardens and a falconry show that was really fun to watch.

    A history note, the Dunrobin Castle has been the home of Earls and Dukes of Sutherlabd for centuries. Dunrobin is the most northerly of Scotland's Stately Homes. 189 rooms and is one of Britain's oldest continuously occupied houses, it dates in part to the early 1300's.

    Walking The Dunrobin Castle Gardens
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