I'm a software engineer and hobbyist photographer.

Traveling around the world, being in beautiful places or experiencing something "once in a lifetime" have been the most exciting things I've ever done.  

Photography has been a major part of my life since I bought my first digital camera. I'm not fortunate enough to make a living from it but my passion for this hobby goes beyond the money I can get from it.

I've traveled to many places around the world, approximately 185 cities in 52 countries. I've used the social networks to share the photos I've taken on my trips and tell the stories behind them.

There's nothing more inspiring than reading the comments from friends and fans.

Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint
Geiranger, Norway

Guindaste Viewpoint
Madeira, Portugal
This place is out of this world, I've been here twice and every time it's like the first time, the stunning views of the mountains along the coast it's simply breathtaking.

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